Animal 46
Animal 46, founded by the co-operation between guitarist Zander Meulemans and Adriaan Vervoort focuses itself to the making of music with hybride set-ups. The mixture of acoustic instruments and electronic creates a complete different angle for composing and performing the repertoire in which they try to work as organic as possible. Improvisation and spontaneity are two indispensible elements.

The in 2015 by Emmanuelle Duvillard formed ensemble Azalaïs brings a unique repertoire consisting medieval melodies revised in a modern jazz coating. The arrangements and modern harmonies of these old melodies, completed with interpretations and improvisations of the group members, give it a refreshing experience to the listener.

The members of this ensemble are: Emmanuelle Duvillard (vocals), Peter Hertmans (Guitar), Viktor Perdieus (Soprano Saxophone), Louis Genoud (Cello) and Adriaan Vervoort (Percussion).
Solo and freelance
Adriaan Vervoort is in numeral ways active by his name. He is active on youtube as a creator, he plays freelance in temporary projects or as a replacement in groups and he plays in his own projects as a solo artist where he makes use of his hybrid set-up.

You can follow his Youtube channel or his Facebook page to stay in touch.

Previous bands and projects
Daktari is a rock band from Genk that sings in Dutch. Adriaan was playing with Daktari for 7 years and recorded with them the Cd ‘Oorlogstaal’.