Adriaan started drumming at the age of 7 and started to become interested with jazz music rather soon. He undertook studies at the conservatory of Antwerp and Maastricht where he achieved his Bachelor in music diploma and his teaching degree. He decides, after an inspiring tour in China, to continue his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he takes lessons from Lionel Beuvens and Stéphane Galland, and at the same time, takes composition lessons with Diederick Wissels. Today he is playing with bands like Animal 46 and Azalaïs.

Starting at age 7, Adriaan is playing over 22 years and studied at different conservatories in Belgium and the Netherlands. His experience extends over different styles like jazz, latin, funk, rock, pop and world music and over 15 years of stage experience with different bands of different disciplines. Current projects are Animal 46 and Azalaïs.
Studio Musician
In 2008 Adriaan went in to the studio for the first time with the band Daktari. He has recorded several EP’s and Full Cd’s since with different artists and bands like Daktari, Oakfield Drive, Ziggy Gnalega, Mickey Boccar, Joyce Lemmens and Azalaïs. You can listen to several of these recordings on the media-page.
Since recently Adriaan is concentrating more on percussion. This especially in the group Azalaïs where he is playing a Hybrid set-up, a mixture between traditional drums and percussion. Apart from that he also plays the vibraphone, among other also in duo with Emmanuelle Duvillard.
Drum Teacher
Adriaan started teaching in 2009 in the Pop- and Rockatelier Diest and has built up hi experience since in different schools, where he teaches from a personal developed vision and a broad look on music.
Besides teaching drum lessons, Adriaan also coaches bands. This he has been doing for several years in the music organization “Jeugd en Muziek Brussel” (Youth and Music Brussels) which organizes music camps and workshops for youngsters with a passion for music. Bands that want to call upon a professional vision can contact Adriaan for his knowledge and experience.

Drummer Adriaan Vervoort, born January 22 1987, grew up in the Belgian city of Hasselt. Already at a young age he got involved with music through a local music band where he started playing drums in the drum corps and where he also joint the music band a bit later. He was encouraged to take lessons at the music academy of Hasselt where he took lessons with Andres Liefsoens (Andres Liefsoens Kwartet, Very Big Band) for many years, who introduced him to jazz music, and later on also from Tony Geyselinck (The Rhythm Junks, Steven De Bruyn). He grew further as he went to a music department of a secondary school Kindsheid Jesu in Hasselt, now Musart, where he enjoyed a firm pre-education to continue his path to the conservatory of Antwerp, where he was educated by Jan de Haas (Jan de Haas Vibes Quartet). After two years he sought a different challenge and environment and found his way into the conservatory of Maastricht, where he took lessons with Arnoud Gerritse (Paul Stark Trio, Metropole Orchestra) and Ron van Stratum (Nadine Nix, Mike Roelofs) and where he achieved a professional diploma of Bachelor in Music and a teaching degree. In 2012 he started at the conservatory of Brussels and took lessons with Lionel Beuvens (Lionel Beuvens 4tet, Peter Hertmans 4tet, Trinité) and Stéphane Galland (Aka Moon, Ibrahim Maalouf) and gets at the same time lessons of composition with Diederick Wissels (David Linx, Silent Song Sextet). In 2014 he successfully achieved his diploma of Master in Music.

Adriaan himself started teaching in 2009 at the Pop and Rock atelier Diest. Somewhat later he also taught at the music academy of Neerpelt (Niko) for 2 years, started teaching at the AMW Lubbeek (atelier for music and word) and gave lessons in the music school ‘Mierennest’ from the Jan-Niklaasstichting at Dworp and the Pop and Rock atelier Lummen. In 2011 Adriaan was asked to join a team of teachers for the music camps of Jeugd en Muziek Brussel (youth and music Brussels) where he was active as a bandcoach, instrument teacher and theory teacher. After a couple of years of experience he would even pick up the coordination for the camps called ‘bandlab’ for a short time.

Adriaan handles a broad vision on music and experiments in his lessons with different methods to be able to always teach customized to the needs of the student and to discover their personal talents and develop those. He is therefore fully interested in research and development concerning pedagogy and research related to the music experience.

Adriaan played for 7 years in the band Daktari with whom he recorded a few EP’s and a Full Cd (Oorlogstaal) but left the band in 2015 to search for new musical horizons. Apart from that he has always been active with several bands going from Jazz and Funk to Pop and Rock music. Several bands and projects Adriaan was related to in the past few years are (amongst others) Mickey Boccar Trio (Jazz), Oakfield Drive (Alternative Pop), Liu Xing Quintet (Jazz), Eva Jacobs (Pop) and Ziggy Gnaléga’s New World Order (World). He also played two tours in China and Taiwan in 2012 and 2014.

Today Adriaan is playing with Azalaïs (jazz), the group formed by Emmanuelle Duvillard with Peter Hertmans, Viktor Perdieus and Louis Genoud and with Animal 46 (Post-Rock), an experimental duo with Zander Meulemans on guitar.

Besides that Adriaan is mainly engaged in developing and experimenting with hybrid set-ups, where the classical drum set-up is combined with either percussion or electronics like triggers, samplers, loopers and effects.